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Bondi Physiotherapy

Industrial Athletes
Whether it’s hours of sitting or one heavy lift, your body needs to be in shape to handle a wide variety of 21st Century loads and activities.


Prolonged sustained sitting, such as sitting in front of a PC, ergonomic desk or working from home, even driving can cause negative effects on your spine because low load – high repetition is as damaging as a high load – one repetition injury.


Musculoskeletal structures are designed to move, therefore structures such as spinal discs, joints and muscles deteriorate with passive – no movement postures. 

Bondi Physiotherapy

Recreational Athletes
The ‘Weekend Warrior’ is notorious for undertraining mid-week but come game day – it’s full on! Often this is a recipe for injury.


With a 1000+ games of National League experience, let us assist you with an accurate diagnosis, an injury rehab plan or referral pathway to Sydney’s top specialists, followed by a ‘Return to Play’ program.


Patient Education is integral to the process so that Injury Prevention is maximised.

Bondi Physiotherapy

Adolescent Athletes
You are at the ‘Peak of Activity’ in life but your body is changing rapidly. Ever-changing adolescent hormones mean rapid evolving changes in bone and musculoskeletal system.


The forces you experience and exert in sport escalates quickly as you progress from Junior sport towards Adolescent and then Adult sport. You are often multi-talented and play many sports. You may play in various squads - School, Reps' and Development squads.


The total weekly training sessions increase suddenly and you have a high load on your body that may not have made the transition to cope.

Bondi Physiotherapy

Professional Athletes
With ‘1000+ games’ of National League experience across many different sports, our Physiotherapists understand the training loads needed to succeed at the highest level.


Professional Athletes are referred to us for independent opinions and rehabilitation from a wide spectrum of sports.

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